The Vinyl Crisis

The Vinyl Crisis

As you are all very aware, the industry is struggling with the over demand and under-supply of vinyl which has meant lead-times sky-rocketing to as much as 6-8 months worldwide, we have even heard tales of 12 months. The demand is showing no signs of slowing down and whilst there are factories planning on new machines as well as new factories due to open, this situation will continue at least well into next year.

Supplying new machines to the industry has been problematic. Whilst 3 new machine suppliers have sprung up during recent years, they also cannot keep up with demand and they have had problems sourcing microchips. Along with staff shortages due to COVID-19, factories are also having supply chain issues with coloured granulate and the lack of such materials has led to significant price increases.

Additionally, there is also a cardboard shortage which is affecting all factories and adding delays to the manufacture of the sleeves and Brexit has brought its own problems with VAT charges and lack of transport.

Unfortunately, the reality we now find ourselves in is that no amount of planning and checking can protect us from unforeseen, often last minute delays. Any vinyl shipping dates given should be taken as an indication only. We will make every effort to meet these dates and will pass on all relevant information as soon as we can but delays remain a possibility, sometimes with very little notice and sometimes delaying product by weeks rather than days. We understand that this is very frustrating for everyone and we would like to thank you all for your understanding and patience.

It will be worth the wait!!