I&II w/remix CD

I&II w/remix CD


  1. Saturday Night (Radio Edit)
  2. Think of You (Radio Edit)
  3. Don't Walk Away
  4. Big Time
  5. Out Of Sight


  1. Close To You (Radio Edit)
  2. Ain't it Blue
  3. Another Day (Radio Nite Mix)
  4. I Want to Love
  5. Sexy Eyes (Single Version)
  6. Last Christmas (Minor Version)


  1. Whiggy Whiggle
  2. Givin' All My Love                                
  3. No Tears to Cry (Radio Version)
  4. Baby Boy (Radio Edit)
  5. Tenderly     

Side D

  1. What We've Done For Love
  2. Lover
  3. Gimme Gimme
  4. Forever On My Mind
  5. Through the Night
  6. Summer Samba

Bonus Remix CD:

  1. Saturday Night (Deep Nite Mix)
  2. Think of You (M.B.R.G. Remix)
  3. Big Time (Summer Salsa Mix)
  4. Close To You (Original)
  5. Ain't It Blue (Original)
  6. Sexy Eyes (M.B.R.G. Edit)
  7. Another Day (Bubblegum Radio Mix)
  8. No Tears to Cry (Organ Mix)
  9. Gimme Gimme (American Cut)
  10. Baby Boy (M.B.R.G. Edit)
  11. Givin' All My Love (Alesis Edit Mix)
  12. Last Christmas (Major Version)
  13. Sexy Eyes (Original)
  14. Think Of You (Original)
  15. Saturday Night (Original)

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    I&II w/remix CD